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Jah Multi-Industrial Company was established in 2012 as a private company. The Government of The Gambia gave its approval for Jah Multi-Industrial Company to operate in the importation and marketing of building materials, sand mining, basalt stone, gravel and wash stones. Approval was also given for the Company to be involved and participate in building construction. This comprises the construction of residential and commercial properties of varying sizes and types targeting tourists, low and middle income working class Gambians both at home and abroad.
Also in 2012, the Company constructed and established a cement dust processing plant for the production and marketing of tiger cement. The processing plant is adequately equipped with a cement dust processing making machine, kraft paper cement bag making machine and all the necessary equipment and machinery needed to operate a modern cement dust processing plant. The plant has the capacity to bag EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY (850) TONS of dust cement per day.
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Jah Gas

Our high quality cooking gas has been serving the needs of thousands of homes across the Gambia. With an extensive supply and retailing network across the country, we can effectively deliver your required quantity of Jah Gas, at anywhere, anytime.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment to touching lives transcends the delivery of quality products and services, to serving humanity through various interventions in healthcare, education and basic infrastructure.

Tiger Cement

The trusted name for all construction needs, always reliable and the first choice for building long-lasting structures. Over the years, the Tiger Cement brand has left an indelible mark in the Gambian construction sector, providing the building blocks for landmarks and legacy projects such as the National Assembly Complex, University of The Gambia, and countless buildings across the country.

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